Now that the world is in the midst of a "ish just got real" Pandemic our ever busy hands are being forced to slow down, to be present, to be in the moment, to put our health and our minds and our souls and our spirits first... and to reassess and reevaluate what truly matters when it comes to this thing called Life.

The first order of business of course are the recommend precautions: if you can, get your hands on some sanitizer, stock pile on necessities, wash your hands often, work from home if possible, strengthen your immune system, stay prayed up, practice social distancing and use this opportunity to become your own feminine best friend.

Because on the other side of this "Rona" epidemic are great opportunities for preparation: studying the feminine arts, manifesting your goals, cleaning out your closet, taking better care of your body and your health, taking your vitamins, connecting with your loved ones and getting in to your feminine like you've never done before.

So here are my Essential "Survive and Thrive" Tips: Make plan for your life and visualize it, limit your intake of negativity, exercise, read books on femininity,  Declutter, and stop engineering yourself to be masculine, meditate, watch feminine movies, practice your softness and get the trusted men in your life to step up in their masculinity because in times of crisis this is when men and their masculinity and their strength are needed the most!

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  1. Thank you Ms. Chloe_. Im the winner who has always pissed low value insignificant people off!!!!######enjoyingMyMillionaireHighValueDate!!!!!!Once Ms. Rona is gone, lol we will hang out more. Thank you and stay safe and positive!!