"Every Woman Wants to be Feminine until it's time to be a Feminine Woman.

When it comes to dwelling in your feminine, becoming a self-aware High Value Woman takes an astounding amount of work. 

You have to master your look, drop your masculine, re-evaluate your mindset and your environment, improve your surroundings, possibly change careers, set goals, establish standards, date in better circles and kiss a lot of Swipe Left frogs to find a High Value Masculine Man who is not only capable of providing for you; but wants to provide.

Overwhelming? Yes.

But totally worth it. 

My question to you is: How committed are you to your Feminine?


If you aren't committed to your feminine you will fail miserably at Hypergamy.

Intentionally hypergamous women are feminine first. Not second. Not third. Not 9th. Not part time and weekends only, but first.

Men who provide are attracted to women who truly enjoy being feminine. 

That is why lipstick, hair and nails are not enough.

Being in your feminine means tossing out unsavory masculine habits, getting past the frustrations and challenges of learning how to be feminine to the bone and drinking a lot of courage juice for the surprising amount of pushback that is a surefire part of the journey of un-shedding your masculine.

So Ladies and ladies in the making....stay the course and stay committed even in this unprecedented time that will be forever known as "The Rona" because becoming a Feminine Woman and a High Value Woman is not a light weight game for the faint of heart. 

XO Chloe_

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