A PSA: Stop trying to be liked!

When a woman is on her feminine path and is exploring the depths of her feminine journey there will be a variety of negative reactions, snap judgements and an underestimated amount of "Who Do you think you are?" Energy.

And to add insult to injury you won't be liked!

But I am here to tell you dear reader, that Boos and Cheers are the same thing!

If a person is Cheering you, Great!

If a person is Booing you, Great!

Both are a form of acknowledgement and attention!

And as long as you are focused on having a successful feminine life and accomplishing your feminine goals, then that is all that matters.

Once a woman decides to dedicate herself to her feminine journey, a women will have to adjust to the notion that people pleasing and living to please others and more importantly, desiring to be validated, is now an option that is OFF the menu. 

Ladies, people pleasing and success do not go hand in hand.

And winners are people who PISS a lot of people off!

When a woman is seeking the empty calories of validation and approval she is giving her power way to people who don't matter!

Ladies and lurkers...as a feminine woman, it is your responsibility to understand the fickle nature of human beings.

It is a fact that a person can love you one day, then hate you the next!

It is a fact that a person can admire one day and want to cut your throat the next!

The herd or the crowd or your peers or your colleagues... will love you one day and then turn like corners on you the next!

However, that is not your problem.

It is never the goal of a feminine woman to be liked.

The goal of a feminine woman is self-validation and self-ownership.

Human beings for the most part are moody, fickle, hit or miss and are often emotionally inconsistent...so how in the H.E double hockey stick are you going to please everyone?!

If you are waiting for a "pat on the back" for wearing makeup and getting gussied up and getting attention from high value men you will never become a feminine winner!

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