A PSA to the Mothers of Sons: Sons are Not Husbands.

Sons are potential providers, protectors, creators of legacy and the potential leaders of their own families in their own homes!

Sons are not born to protect you.

Sons are not born to provide for you. 

Sons are not a replacement or a Surrogate for Adult Male Companionship.

Sons are not a Surrogate Husband.

Sons were not born to keep you company.

Sons were not created to fulfill the emptiness of your voids or your loneliness.

Sons were not created to pay your bills.

Sons were not created to be the man of the house.

Enmeshment is ABUSE.

Enmeshment, also called emotional incest, is when a parent uses a child for emotional support in a way that is normal for a husband or boyfriend. The parent typically takes an opposite sex child and elevates them above their romantic partner. 

Enmeshment is a form of Abusive Parenting.

Ladies...sons are boys who will eventually evolve into men who are fathers, leaders, husbands, business men, entrepreneurs, and creators of legacy.

Sons need masculine guidance, masculine role models, men who model leadership, good decision making, and men who model how to be fully functioning in their personal relationships.

And no...this is not about being blamed or criticized for being a single parent.

This message is about having the insight and the awareness that is needed to break generational curses.

Sons who are raised to be husbands for their mothers grow into men who are stunted in their masculine potential and growth. 

When boys are coddled, stunted and stifled they turn into men who end up lost, misguided, emotionally underdeveloped, broken, angry, resentful, embittered and confused about their role and their identity as men.

Perhaps a poor choice was made when you chose the father your child.

Perhaps you are a widow. 

But forgive yourself and know that it is up to you as a Mother in Chief to not only prepare your son to leave the nest but to prepare your son to be the best husband, protector and provider possible for the next generation to come.

If you choose to ignore this painful cycle your son will be permanently damaged goods. 

And no mother wants that for her son. 

Or does she?

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