The Dead End Ditch is the self-defeating, self- sabotage and sunken place mindset that happens when a person is conditioned to focus on their problems (ad nauseam) instead of focusing on the solution.

And this disempowered mindset is EVERYWHERE.

When a woman has "The Dead End Ditch" mindset she will not  be successful in hypergamy or femininity because her mind is obsessed and committed to remaining stagnant and unprogressive.

We all know people who are complainers, whiners, people who focus on feeling defeated, people who constantly focus on unfairness and people who are prone to have a problem for every solution.

My hypergamous suggestion? Avoid them like the plague.

Your success in Hypergamy is continent upon it!

Some women simply aren't interested in winning, growing, evolving or being elevated! They just aren't... and it's not your problem!

However, those very same women are almost always committed to the brick wall of excuse making and distracting others with their hatred and insecurity. So not only are they committed to sabotaging themselves but they are also committed to sabotaging others to avoid the loneliness that comes with choosing The Dead End Ditch.

Now which one are you?

Are you committed to your own Elevation or are you committed to The Ditch?

XO, Chloe_

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