Wanna know why I don't talk about "money" on my channel?

Because "money" or "having money" is a concept and a mindset.

The more negative your thoughts are about money the less you'll have it. The less you understand how money work the less you'll have it. And if you believe that "money" solves all problems you'll never have it.

In hypergamy a feminine mindset will always be more important than having money.

So "having money" truly depends upon the woman and the quality of her thoughts.

If a woman has a fixed, negative, glass half-empty, "I'm only as good as my mistakes "victim mindset", the only thing that she will attract and manifest is stalling and self-sabotage. 

If a woman has an open, flexible, glass half-full, growth mindset, she will be a woman who uses her mind and her imagination to evolve, expand and create change.

Now, which woman are you?

Yes. Money is required to invest in your looks, but we all have to start somewhere.

Here's a mindset tip: whatever your income or class level, never use "not having money" as an excuse to remain stuck. 

Self-sabotage is the biggest path to a life full of regret.

Your mind and your brain are your most valuable assets in femininity; not money.

A loser's mindset will always focus on fear, excuses, feeling sorry for yourself and having a victim mindset.

A feminine winner always focuses osolutions.

And it's up to the woman to decide what her mindset is going to be.

If we all waited on "having the money we needed" to become more feminine then our feminine journey would never begin.

A feminine woman should alway use her mindset to improve her current situation. Examples of this include learning from your mistakes,  learning from you errors in thinking and making better choices moving forward. And none of those cost a DIME.

Ladies....the art of femininity cannot be bought; it can only be practiced until it becomes second nature. XO Chloe_

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  1. Thank you for this! Another great lesson in femininity!👏👏

  2. Wow I was just talking to myself about how I dont have any money to look the part and how me living from paycheck to paycheck only gives me the option to go to work and go home. Not being able to go places where high value men are. I'm changing my mindset, and working with what I have to be more feminine