A Masculine Bully is a woman who uses masculine aggression, passive aggressive tactics, entitled control and intimidation tactics to induce and incite fear by overstepping their boundaries with others. 

In a nutshell they are predatory people who live their lives being committed to making other people feel BAD.

And what do Predators do?

Predators stalk, they harass, they gaslight, they berate, they embarrass, they humiliate, and dismiss others due to their own deep insecurities. 

And predators are master manipulators at making others believe that they are owed and that other people should ask them for permission to exist!

But a Feminine woman never asks for Permission.

When a woman is on her Feminine and or Hypergamous journey she is guaranteed to experience a Masculine Bully or Many... because women who chose to live in their feminine are a direct threat to women who have resigned themselves to dwelling in their masculine.

It's important to *note that bullies often feel small and worthless and unimportant and insignificant.. and that their hearts are plagued with the worst emotion of all: SHAME. And shame is such a huge driver in the negative behavior of others.

So how does a feminine woman begin to handle a jealous and envious masculine aggressor who is threatened by your elevation?

Start by blocking.

Then move on to deleting.

Then move on to spending less time with Negative Spirits.

Then focus on your own feminine growth and elevation.

Then Rinse, Wash and Repeat. 

XO Chloe_

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