A Low Value Woman is essentially a women who lacks The Feminine Education that is necessary to LIMIT or ALL TOGETHER... AVOID.... LOW VALUE MEN.

A Low Value Woman is also a woman who fell into the Trap of Consistently selling herself short...creating a Domino Effect and a CYCLE of Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Worth.

The Low Value Woman is not about what a woman LOOKS LIKE. The Low Value Woman is a woman who has an Disempowered MINDSET that sets her up to make poor decision making.

A Low Value Woman can look good and still have a very low opinion of herself.

And yes...water seeks its own level. So a Low Value Woman will always attract a Low Value Man.  

But gratefully a woman has the power to change this.

As human beings... and as women.... we are not BORN Low Value.

We are exposed and taught and conditioned and engineered to see ourselves as low value primarily by our Family of Origin.

Yep. Your Family.

Yes. The Manipulative and Powerful Force and Influence of The Media cannot be denied. We all know that the media plays a heavy role in perpetuation of Negative Imagery, Damaging Tropes and Cliched StereoTypes...that are especially damming...to the image of  Black Women.

But your Family of Origin are the people in you life who SHAPE YOU. And as children they are our biggest influence; not The MEDIA.

A little girl's self-esteem is injected into by her mother. And if her mother lacks high esteem, confidence and worth... more than likely her daughter will as well. Because it is virtually impossible to have low self esteem when a Mother's esteem and worth are HIGH.

So what did you Mom teach you about being a woman? What did you Mom model to you about self-esteem and Self-Worth? What did you Grandmother teach you about Femininity? What did your Auntie teach you about men?

Where you ever taught about The Power of having a Feminine Mindset?  Were you ever taught to put yourself first? Who taught you to put yourself last? Who taught you about MEN? Or how to make men Chase You?

And more importantly...Who neglected you?  Who Ignored You? And who left you in the dark to defend yourself and/or fend for yourself?

When you are a Miseducated and Neglected little girl you end up becoming a Miseducated and Broken Woman which puts you on a cyclical path to being a Low Value Woman and Damaged Goods for Low Value Men to Exploit.

So Have you ever been her? Are you currently a Low Value Woman? What will you do about it?

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  1. Been there, after much leveling and healing that former woman is fully becoming non-existent. Thank you Chloe_ for your blog💋