A Feminine Winner... simply put... is a woman who knows how to use her elevated pretty, her elevated femininity and her elevated seduction skills to get what she wants out of her relationships with High Value Men.

-Everything else is just entertainment.

Feminine women do not focus on losing

They do not waste their lives away focusing on gossip...and looking to be OFFENDED.

Feminine women do not blame others for being stuck and lost and disempowered and discouraged.

Feminine women focus on sharpening their LIFE skills on how to get ahead....Everyday.

Feminine women do not make mountains out of pointless beefs, petty bickering and OVER investing their valuable and precious time riding the Bitter Bus to a Brick Wall or a DEAD END.

A Feminine woman never squanders her energy on the  problem; a feminine woman knows that her power is in the solution.

And Living The Hypergamous Life is about using your Feminine Power to Focus on "The Solution."

Feminine women do not focus on INVESTING in their Rage and Anger. Because Rage and Anger are distractions.

They focus on Winning. 

As a Feminine Women...your one and only job is to focus on putting more W's than L's in your life's column.

...So as a Hat Tip....Focus on Winning...because everything else is just the distraction of ENTERTAINMENT! 


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