Wow. The Last Month of The Year is here. Feminine Winter Fashion in Full Effect...A New Decade is around the Corner and Hypergamy waits for no one. Here are some of my beauty, fashion and book reads for the Month of December. XO Chloe_

Splurge Worthy

This Isabel Murant MidCalf Boot goes with every dress I wear: http://bit.ly/37U2t7f

This Moisturizer is worth every penny: http://bit.ly/2sCKAd7

What a Gorgeous YSL Bag: http://bit.ly/34GOqQH

This is a Beautiful Belted Coat: https://go.zara/35XVLLY

Under $200

A great way of warding off Dusty Men is to wear a Classy Time Piece. This Nixon Watch is my Go To: http://bit.ly/2P0a8s8

Bought this Little Travel Buddy and I am very Happy with it: https://amzn.to/34Exev6

Diamond Solo Ring: http://bit.ly/33LDlMZ

Blanket Scarf. I got mine in Grey: http://bit.ly/33A0Gkw

Byredo Trio and They all Smell Divine: http://bit.ly/35SLLmV

I have been coveting these in white for a minute but I cannot find them in my size ANYWHERE. Maybe you dear reader will have better luck: http://bit.ly/2P18CpE

Ruffled Oversized Sweater: https://go.zara/34GT2WH

Under $50

Circular Jewel Earrings: https://go.zara/2OF048Y

A Must Read: https://amzn.to/2qcN8hf

I Burn Candles and Sage for my Femininity and Serenity: http://bit.ly/2DDiu3O and Here: https://amzn.to/2Y7TH13

Estee Lauder Travel Size Advance Night Repair Starter Set:  http://bit.ly/2R9asr4

Chain Earrings: https://go.zara/33CGcrh

A cute date night dress to flatter and impress: https://go.zara/2r7HFJ1

I would wear this top in a New York Minute: https://go.zara/35R7QSN

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