To be a successful Hypergamous woman...a woman must know the stark difference between being a Princess and Being A Queen.

The Queen is an Authoritarian.

She's a Boss. 

The Queen Controls. 

The Queen dominates and is domineering. The Queen conjures of images of a woman who is a Masculine Ruler in a Dress. But a Dress isn't required. Black women are associated comfortably with Queens because A Queen is expected to lack vulnerability, femininity and softness. 

The Queen is the face of larger than life STRENGTH.

The Princess however is associated with Femininity. 

The Princess is dainty and delicate and rests comfortably in her Feminine Core. The Princess expects quality over quantity. The Princess expects to be provided for. The Princess loves dresses, and hair, and makeup, and allows qualified men to rescue her over and over and over again. 

The Princess expects to be impressed. The Princess sets the bar higher than most women when it comes to MEN. The Princess never apologizes for being Feminine.

A Hypergamous woman is a Princess First and Foremost and Forever because being Feminine woman is her SuperPower.

A Queen deserves her flowers and deserves to be honored but a woman who wants success with masculine men of means and wealthy men should always see herself as a Princess First. XO Chloe_

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  1. Ty for the differences, Princess is soft and that resonates with me.

  2. I am glad you have a website to be able to post more responses to your amazing work. This article was on point.

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