Low Self Esteem simply put is when a person doesn't know or understand the Power of Who they are. And when you don't know who you are you won't be able to harness your own power.

...And without self power...you're LOST.

...And when you're Lost you end up being hungry and loved starved for outside validation and attention.

So it's pretty much safe to say that Low Self-Esteem is an Epidemic. Because it's Everywhere.

Low Self-Esteem is in our families.

Low Self-Esteem is your Gossiping Co-Worker. Or perhaps...you are that gossiping Co-Worker.

Low Self-Esteem is in Social Media and when we look in the mirror.

Again....Low-self esteem is an EPIDEMIC. Because it's Everywhere.

So where does self esteem come from and how can you get it?

Self-Esteem comes from Self-Validation and Self-Love. 

And knowing that you are meant to be in this world. 

And knowing that you are not an "Accident."

And putting yourself and your self-care first. 

Show me a person who invests in themselves and puts themselves first...and a person who doesn't confuse abuse or being treated poorly for love...and that will be a person with High Self-Esteem.

When you don't work on your Self-Esteem you are essentially giving the permission to others to build it for you and that is never a good idea. 

Handing over your worth to others is what gives the opportunity to others to DESTROY you.

Isn't High Self Esteem what you want? Chloe_

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  1. Thank you for this entry. I applaud your courage in addressing prevalent underlying issues of low self-esteem among black women. Thank you for finding solutions to this painful epidemic with realistic first steps towards raising healthy high self-esteem.