A woman's attitude and the language that comes out of her mouth is what usually lays the foundation of how she is perceived and experienced.

And women who openly speak "Colorfully"are viewed as vulgar, uncultured, without class, uneducated, and consequently low value.

This is the raw truth.

And please do not ever confuse The Power of Using The Feminine Arts with Respectability Politics.

Yes. A woman is FREE to Do and Speak, and Twerk and Dress however she wants. That is the Beauty and the Prerogative of living in a Free Country.

But never confuse living in a Free Country with your actions being "Free" of Consequences or Judgement.

Now I am not against a Lady dropping an F-Bomb here or there around the comfort of people whom she knows...but Colorful language around Men and Possible Suitors is an absolute No-no for women who want to exude femininity.

Femininity and Vulgar Language and Behavior simply do not go hand in hand.

The thing is...most men are not going to pull you to the side and share with you their disappointment with the way you speak.

Most men are not going to pull you to the side and tell you that their experience of you is embarrassing.

Most Men of Means and Men who Provide are simply not going to deal with a woman who lacks an understanding of class or social graces. 

Men of means usually work hard to establish themselves and they cannot run the risk of their hard work being jeopardized by an uncouth woman.

In other words. If your language and your attitude is STANK; he just won't deal. But Dusty men will deal with you ALL DAY.

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  1. Last night I was in a presence of a lady I consider very elegant and feminine...even the way she dresses is mind blowing...I used a work s##t once and I couldn't believe how out of place it sounded...no one said anything...but I felt it...be fire I've never took my notice until I mental went back to her conversation and realise she keeps it clean all the time..