Unless you're a mother to a son...(and even that has its limits!) it is not your duty or your responsibility to take care of a man.

Let that marinate.

As a woman and especially as a Hypergamous Woman...your duty first and foremost is to your femininity.

Ladies...men respect, admire, embrace and are turned on by women who are in love with their femininity.

Men do not fall in love with Mules. And Hard-workers. And Women who sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Men use Mules as a stepping stone to get to feminine women.

For clarity purposes...A mother's job is to nurture and to give hugs and her job is to display unconditional love and acceptance to her children in a way that only a mother can.

But that is the Job of a mother; not of a girlfriend and certainly not of a wife.

A Wife's duty to her husband is to inspire his MASCULINITY. 

And Das it!

Too many women are conditioned to believe that their job in relationships with men is to be a surrogate mother.

And this may sound radical ladies....but let Men Fail.

When a man fails... and fails hard...he gets the lesson.

Repeated failure is what turns mice into men.

So ladies...allow him to get the lesson.

When men FAIL they learn from muscle memory and when they fail often... their maturity increase by leaps and bounds!

And without maturity MEN will never grow into protectors and providers and leaders!!

Too many women...particularly black women...are conditioned to protect men from failure. 

And this "Brand" of coddling ensures that men will remain mice.

Too many black women see men as their sons instead of their protectors and providers and leaders.

So Ladies...coddling men keeps them small, and stagnant, and invisible and unimpactful....which is a recipe for Masculine Resentment 101.

So as Hypergamous women...please keep in mind that Black Men and Men in general are not your sons. 

They are men... first and foremost...and men are at their best when women aren't running interference!!!

Men will always put their manhood above everything. So isn't it about time that women put their femininity first?


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  1. Wow! I am gobsmacked! You nailed it! I often wondered why an ex of mine blamed me for his failures. He said "It's your fault that I am not growing!" I saw resentment in his eyes. Thank God I learned from that mess and moved on to a real man.

    1. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story.

  2. Thsnk you for the reminder!❤šŸ‘