The Feminine Hustle is when a woman uses the power of her Femininity and her Feminine Charm to get AHEAD.

...And there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Hustler because Hustlers get things done.

But why are so many women FEARFUL of The Hustle?

Why are so many women FEARFUL of improving their lot in life? 

Here's WHY:

The number one reason why women are fearful of bettering themselves will always be rooted in feeling unworthy!

And unworthiness is a huge motivator in remaining stuck. And when a person feels unworthy they will use every excuse in the book as to why they cannot and will not succeed.

This mindset is called "The Glass is Half Empty Syndrome."

But in order to succeed in Hypergamy you've got to be willing to Hustle.

Hypergamy is not a PASSIVE act.

Hypergamy requires Commitment and Consistency. And those two things together are what makes a WINNER.

So ask yourself....Are you Committed to Yourself..or are you  Committed to Fear? 


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