The Cheap and Stingy Dude.

Every woman has met one or will meet one in her lifetime. 

Sometimes they are wildly successful and sometimes they are dead broke. 

But what they both have in common is that they aren't sharing with you and when a man is displaying this toxic fixated mindset it isn't up for debate.

Stingy men to the NAKED EYE...do not appear stingy at first. But they are generally able to get their hooks into unsuspecting women MIND GAMES AND FLATTERY.

Stingy men are not open to feminine allure.

Stingy men are not open to seduction.

Stingy men are not interested in sweeping you off your feet.

Stingy men at their core are INSECURE..so why would they give away the one thing that MASKS their insecurity?

Ladies when men are stingy and withholding...RUN...don't walk because a stingy man will never be able to fulfill your hypergamous needs. 

A stingy man at his core is SELF-FOCUSED and when a man is self-focused that man will be self-absorbed and all about SELF. And when person is all about self there is no wiggle room for others.

When a man is all about SELF he will bend and pretzel twist you to cater to his needs and set up the Paradigm that makes him THE PRIZE.

And in Hypergamy women are the prize and Hypergamous women  are receivers; not givers.

So if you man he isn't giving HE'S TAKING. And when you are in a relationship with a TAKER it will be a most unsatisfying relationship. 

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  1. I was married to one...sny money I spent on the home or otherwise was scrutinized. His father was worse😬 Lessons later, that maybe those type of men's mindset yet I do mind being around them and not set up with them. I am wise with money, cheap is sooo restricting. Js...