Ladies....This message is a PSA and a friendly Hypergamous Reminder...

Femininity is not about getting A MAN.

A masculine woman can get a man. In fact many masculine women are in relationships with men.

(But in Hypergamy those are not the kind of relationships we want.)

However I Digress...

...Femininity is not about tricking men into doing what they aren't capable of doing.

Femininity is not about conning men out of money or digging for gold or squeezing all of the juice out of man's lemon.

Femininity is not about having the right mask or costume to put on to trick men into seeing you as more desirable.

Femininity is about a woman being her HIGHEST and her BEST SELF for HER.

*Femininity is about SHOWING UP for yourself.

Femininity is about the relief that is isn't your responsibility to carry the load of masculinity!

Femininity is the knowing that only you are responsible for your side of the feminine street!

When a woman is feminine she is more happy, more confident, more softer, more juicy (and not dried up), more balanced, more vulnerable, more calm and more in alignment with what feels good for her.

....So leave the responsibility of Masculinity to Men!

Let men worry about their side of the masculine street!


There is no 2019 rule book that states that you must be a MAN...so you don't have to be Masculine if you don't want to!

So put YOUR masculinity down and leave that job to men!

...Let Men figure out HOW they're going to be men... and worry about your own PRETTY!

Because when we focus on our own PRETTY...that's when the men show up!

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  1. I'm literally reading your articles with your voice on YouTube...