The number one FEAR that stops women from taking it all the way to the top in Femininity and Hypergamy is *The Fear of Not Being Liked.

And what is the Fear of Not Being Liked? 

The Fear of Not being Liked is the very common fear of believing that approval, acceptance and validation by people who DON'T matter can make or break you!

But the people who don't matter don't have power...unless WE GIVE IT TO THEM.

And who are the people who don't matter?

Anyone who seeks to sabotage your elevation!

But that is the crux of the problem.

Too many women give their power away to people who don't matter.

...So much so...that The Fear of Not Being Liked and The Fear of Rejection has become an addiction that most women will struggle to break!

Why? Because women are groomed to be people pleasers and are conditioned to get their self worth and their confidence from how others view them... instead of getting their confidence by putting in the work to become their best selves!

When a woman makes the super smart choice to put herself on a Hypergamous Path many women grossly underestimate the amount of PUSHBACK, UGLINESS and VICIOUSNESS that comes with the territory of becoming a feminine woman who is provided for.

And because of The Fear of Not Being Liked most women will respond to this pushback by making the worst mistake of their lives: QUITTING ON THEMSELVES!

So what is the cure to the Fear of Not Being Liked?

The cure is liking yourself, loving yourself, respecting yourself, building your feminine confidence and being committed to YOU.

Hypergamous Mantra: Stop treating people like they're the period at the end of your sentence!

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  1. Ty as always! The journey is challenging yet I refuse to give up on myself������������

  2. Needed the encourgement. Thank you.