So let's have an important conversation on RECEIVING.

Receiving in a nutshell.. is your ability to accept GOODNESS without apology or SHAME.

However "Receiving" is something that all women struggle with because as women we get so many intentionally confusing messages about what we "deserve"....

As women one minute we're encouraged to have it all... and the next... we're being encouraged to SHRINK and DIMINISH ourselves to not make others feel uncomfortable.

One minute we're told that we can do, be or have anything we want...

...and the next minute we're viciously and ruthlessly attacked and called vile disrespect names...for having standards and going for our dreams and accomplishing our goals and wanting the best for ourselves... and reaching for the stars.

And this constant PUSH AND PULL and TUG OF WAR is why so many women are ashamed to receive and are INCONSISTENT WITH THEMSELVES.

It is no wonder...nor is it a surprise... that Women...particularly black women struggle with RECEIVING. 

Black Women are conditioned to be TERRIFIED of feeling worthy because we intuitively know that feeling worthy and the receiving that come with it... will bring out the physical, emotional and mental violence of others.

We intuitively know that standing in our worth with bring out the guns and the knives and the noose!

When a woman is a RECEIVER; she will be heavily POLICED. Especially by haters, lurkers, frenemies, trolls and bullies who seek to chop down anyone who aspires to receiving GOODNESS.

But in order to be successful in Hypergamy.. you must MASTER "The Art" of knowing how to receive.  

Because Hypergamy is about receiving GOODNESS; as opposed to receiving GARBAGE.

Receiving in Hypergamy is based on the belief that you are deserving of GOODNESS.

Unfortunately a lot of people confuse and conflate "Receiving" with "Taking."

"Taking" or "Being a Taker" is rooted in "Me Me Me" and "All about Me" Self-Focused and Selfish Energy-that comes at the expense of others.

Takers are people who remove without adding value.

Receivers however...are people who accept goodness based on how they feel about themselves, their self esteem, their self worth, and their self confidence.

When a person feels good about receiving... there won't be any guilt or shame attached because they know that they are worthy!

So many woman are conditioned to believe that being a receiver of goodness is something that they need approval for ...

...or that receiving somehow means that they're greedy!

...or that receiving is something that a woman should apologize for because others "don't have."

And this kind of Fear Mongering... comes from manipulative conditioning... and the toxic narratives that serve the sole purpose of engineering women to be SMALL.

So how do you receive? 

You work on your confidence. 
You Lose the weight. 
You learn from your mistakes.
You invest in yourself and your femininity.
You have standards.
You speak highly of yourself. 
You love on yourself. 
You validate your own existence. 
And you accept that you are deserving until it becomes SECOND NATURE.

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