Your biggest detractor,

Your biggest enemy,

Your biggest frenemy,

The jealous ones,

The Miserable Ones,

The Bitter ones,

The petty ones,

And the UNHAPPY, MISERABLE and BITTER people that you will meet on your Hypergamous Journey will be

*Wait for it*


Why? Because Hypergamy involves MEN and competition for men  is what brings out THE UGLY, THE CATTY, INSECURITY AND THE PETTY in women.

So get your head screwed on right and be prepared.

Be prepared for the:  "Who do you think you are?"

Be prepared for: Passive aggressive Attacks

Be prepared for: The silent treatment

Be prepared for women to stop speaking to you.

Be prepared to lose friends and loved ones.

And be prepared for the WOMEN who feel entitled to chop your tree down so that they can feel taller.

At the end of the HYPERGAMOUS day: THEY DON'T MATTER.

***Have boundaries, know what you want, have tunnel vision, have a PLAN and Start Executing. (***Rinse, Wash and Repeat.)

A Hypergamous woman is a woman who makes herself #1 above all and that includes HATERS.

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