So.... Amber Rose has stopped being "hashtag frenemies" with over twenty people this year and she now has a redirected and renewed focused on her man, her new baby and being dedicated to her family.

Everyone else can kick ROCKS.

Amber has also announced that she will not be having her annual Slut Walk this year.

Am I surprised?

Not in the Least.

Amber Rose is doing what 35 year old women do: Amber is making what I call the "The Shift."

"The Shift" is what gradually happens when a women no longer has the emotional, psychical, mental and psychological energy required to pushback, manipulate and maneuver against the wiring that comes with settling down and growing into maturity.

"The Shift" means no more time for fake friends, a low tolerance for disposable relationships, and the gradual "centeredness" that happens in life when a woman is connected to a deeper value and purpose beyond getting attention from men.

Translation: Not only do babies change everything; but so does getting older.

And while Amber is not old-she's not expired or expiring.... she is now in a place where she is ready to shift away from the f*cksh*t narrative of #slutlife as a lifestyle because this narrative is no longer serving her.

And usually this shift happens around the age of 35.

35 is the age when a women starts to get serious about having someone to care.

35 is the age when women get serious about having someone to be there.
35 is the age when women begin to learn that having the "right" man in our lives is a true difference maker.
35 is the age where a woman usually catches a nasty case of the "baby rabies"....especially if she hasn't given birth yet. 35 is that critical juncture where most women want to have someone call them MOM.

(*YES. Many women will choose to forgo motherhood but please recognize that you are the exception and not the rule!) 

Is Amber's marketplace life over? No.

Is is dwindling? Yes.

Is she now a Nun? No.

But her life will be Re-Branded.

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  1. I love the fact that she shifted! She has grown up a lot. When folks are ready to let go of the bs and embrace healthy attitudes, their life gets better.Talk about a come up!👏👏🙏💖

  2. I'm very proud of Amber's growth it's palpable and that's beautiful to see