The "Come Up Woman" is the "ride or die" woman that shares in the participation and the responsibility in the building of her man's success level. From soup to doughnuts she is the woman from the very beginning who is there every step of the way.

And she is usually the woman who helps her man in all areas of his life to the detriment of herself. The Come Up Woman sacrifices her youth, her vitality and her beauty to elevate her man's stature. The Come Up woman believes that they are a "Team." 

Until she realizes that there is no "I" in Team.

The "Come Up Women" usually gets blindsided when her man's natural response to her sacrifice is dropping her for something and someone NEW.

The "Clean Up" Woman is the "ride or die" woman who is there to catch a man when he falls from his Mountain Peak, his elevated STATUS. This is the woman who is ready to bathe, clean off and/ or dust off a man who has accumulated baggage and accumulated damage. Often these "men" are broken, shattered, are in need of a life detox and are at their lowest. 

The clean up woman's job is to get her man to put back together the pieces of his WORTH often to her own detriment.

Both The Come Up Woman and The Clean Up Woman see the man as the PRIZE as both are willing to accept men when they are not at their best.

And since most women do not understand that men are only as loyal as their options. (And when I say options I mean MONEY and earning power)..."The Come Up Woman" and "The Clean Up" Woman are both taking risks that do not align with reciprocity.

And this is where the power of being a Hypergamous woman comes in.

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  1. Yassss indeed! The Clean Up Woman is a song Betty Wright sang back in the 70's and it was an anthem for lots of women back then. I am drinking in all of this as you post here and in videos...learning so much as well as applying. I am going past my fears and strengthening my courage to wear the crown of hypergamy. It is never too late for me or others, it was time. Thank you and I look forward to more!😍👏🙏🖒

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