As the YouTube Channel continues to grow and expand (we are 30,000 strong Hypergamous Hive + PodCast coming soon!) I've noticed an uptick on requests for SPECIFICS, TIPS and STRATEGIES.

And those things can be helpful.

But they are the icing on a 10 -15 layer cake.

I first want to start by saying that "TIPS" to live a Hypergamous Life are not one size fit all. The women and the men who view my channel are at different life stages, are from different cultures, and many of the viewers that come to my channel have different life goals. 

And as you can tell from the comments section of the channel there is no "Sea of Sameness" when it comes to YouTube responses and reactions.

Some women are married.
Some of my viewers are Black women, Mixed women, White women, Arab women, African women & Caribbean women. 
Some are teenagers.
Some are over 50. 
Some are college students.
Some are at the threshold of 35.
Some want a family.
And some women don't.  
And some women HATE ME ( And that is ok.)

I consult young women, black women, mixed race women, older women, married women, women who are divorcing, women who have narcissistic partners and even teenagers. 

My youngest client thus far has been 16.

And they all get different COUNSEL depending on who they are and what they've set for themselves as a goal.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to TIPS.

So many women are in such a desperate tizzy and a thirsty rush to slap on a wig and some makeup to find the MAN yesterday but the most important function of the channel is to share with you invaluable GAME on The MINDSET.

Game that you will not get ANYWHERE.


Your MIND is the sharpest tool that you will have in the arsenal of self-improvement, leveling up, and putting yourself first. 

Your mind is the tool that will order your STEPS.

The hair, the makeup, the heels and the fashion are the easy part!

**And quite frankly, information on how to appear more feminine is information that can find ANYWHERE because Google is your best friend.

But the mindset is the GOLD. And you're getting that GOLD for Free.99!

So yes....

Get fit and lose the 20 or 50lbs.

Acquire a feminine wardrobe...

Beat your face to the Gods with Makeup...

Improve your Posture...

Get Your Teeth Whitened..

Wear those Heels...

But the "TIPS" mean nothing without the MINDSET. Without the MINDSET the needle on self-improvement will only move an inch.

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  1. Mindset is everything👏👏 Ty for the reminder😘

  2. I want it Chloe!!! Give it to me Sister

  3. You have definitely opened my eyes! Young lady you are very wise for your years!
    *When you know better,you DO better!

    50+ b/f