Introduce yourself and tell us about your platform Black Women in Luxury
My name is Shanée. My platform, Black Women in Luxury, was created to focus on the beauty, elegance, femininity, high class, and luxuriousness of black women.

What is the inspiration behind your brand and what keeps you motivated every day?
The inspiration behind my platform came from realizing the lack of representation that black women have in spaces such as the fashion, beauty and luxury industries. Realizing this inspired me to create a positive platform for black women living their best lives. I believe that our attention is an investment. Instead of investing our time, energy and emotions into what doesn’t serve us, they can be better used to focus on what affirms us. The purpose of Black Women in Luxury is to highlight pictures, videos and other media of black women in love, joy, wealth, leisure and opulence. In doing so, we hope to inspire an abundance mindset and a higher self esteem in black women who want to see themselves reflected in positive imagery. What keeps me motivated is the messages I get every day from black women from all over the world of different ages who express their joy and gratitude because they feel seen and represented.

What are 5 feminine things a woman can do everyday?
Five feminine things a woman can do every day are maintain an attitude of confidence, invest in herself, dress with intention, be kind & align her standards, beliefs and goals. 

Name 3 things a woman should do to make her dreams come true. 

Three things a woman should do to make her dreams come true is regulate her attention, cultivate an abundance mindset and get in alignment with her overall vision. She should regulate her attention by becoming aware of her thoughts and habits. She must ask herself: “Is what I’m doing every day supporting or hindering my goals?” From there, she needs to make the necessary changes to her daily routine that’ll help her succeed in the long run. She should also cultivate an abundance mindset and have confidence that what she wants exists. She should believe she’s worthy of a quality life and become receptive to her blessings. She should become aware of and eradicate any unconscious thought patterns that are centered around lack and scarcity. Finally, she should get in alignment of her overall vision. She should imagine the greatest version of herself and ask herself, “What does she do everyday? What are her habits? What are her standards? What doesn’t she settle for? What are her beliefs? How does she dress? How does she act?” and apply the answers to her current life. 

What are 5 places that every Black Woman should travel to?
To me, travel is a matter of preference. Five beautiful destinations that I’d personally love to travel to are Turks and Caicos, Maldives, Bali, Paris and Venice.

What are your go to Beauty Products?
Brown lip liner and pink lip gloss is my absolute favorite lip combination. It really compliments my skin tone and enhances every look I have. I’ve also been loving jojoba oil for moisturizing my face. It helped cleared up my skin of dark spots and gave me a fresh glow! Lastly, my all time favorite beauty product is Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Sugar Scrub. It smells so good and makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized! 

Who are the women in your life that inspire you to do what you do?
My grandmother, my mother and my closest friends inspire me every day with their constant affirmations, love and support. They instilled in me the importance of building positive relationships and sisterhoods with other women. 

What is the best advice someone has ever given you.
The best advice I’ve been given was to center myself in my life. This isn’t to be to confused with being self-centered as in being egotistical or vain. Instead, centering myself in my life means being grounded in who I am in this present moment while maintaining a clear vision of who I eventually want to become in the future. Centering myself in my life means to relinquish insecurity and replace it with faith that everything that is meant for me will become mine without having to overcompensate.

What is the worst advice someone has ever given you.

The worst advice someone has given me was to accept the fact that people don’t owe you common decency and respect. It’s true that in life we’ll often encounter people incapable of respecting us. However, I believe that the same way they have a choice in how they want to treat you, you also have a choice in whether or not you want to accept it. To me, I believe that respect is the bare minimum a person can give to you. Getting used to the idea of continuous disrespect unconsciously builds a mental foundation of low self esteem. Instead, my advice is to know your worth and know that you deserve to be treated at minimum like a person. Don’t tolerate or accept disrespect from anyone. Create strong standards and boundaries for how you want to be treated and do not lower them.

And finally tell us about your upcoming projects?
I’m working on an ebook of affirmations for black women who want to begin building a more positive self image of themselves titled “Soft Words for Her” that’ll be available for purchase this fall. Be sure to follow our social media page for more updates. Our instagram is @blackwomeninluxury.

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  1. I love their page👏👏👏👏, it is a very positive page to show black women in a better light other than IG models,excessive partying and so-called ratchet behavior