What is Confidence?

*Confidence in a nutshell is your relationship with LIMITLESSNESS.

Confidence means the level by which you PARTICIPATE self-ownership.

And participating in Self-Ownership and Self-Acceptance can be either HIGH or Low.

Confidence is ACTION. 

Confidence comes from DOING.

Confidence requires PARTICIPATION.

Confidence can be low.

And Confidence can be High.

How a person decides to participate in their confidence depends on SOLELY ON THEM.

No one can "GIVE" you confidence. Confidence is ownership.

Confidence means "THE KNOWING" that you are not an aberration or a mistake. Confidence means "knowing" that you are not an ACCIDENT. Confidence means knowing that you belong to yourself and yourself only. Confidence is "the knowing" that you were born for a purpose or many purposes and that absolutely no one has the right or the power to shake that belief.

And that is where Confidence is usually shaken. By the Damaging SCRIPT OF OTHERS.

We allow OTHERS to shake our confidence because we've been brainwashed to believe that other people have the right to define who we are and what we should be.

But they don't.

The truth is no one should ever have the agency to determine our worth. And when we give others that POWER we give others the opportunity to cripple our CONFIDENCE.

Hypergamous Confidence is the knowing and the unshakable belief that a woman deserves the best that she can get out of men. Hypergamous Confidence is never allowing a MAN or a WOMAN to determine and define what you deserve. Only you...The Hypergamous woman...can make that determination!

So stop giving your CONFIDENCE away.

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  1. Really confirms what I was feeling...I am only responsible for me. Ty😚😍🙏

  2. Thank you i have given all my confidence to msn im seeing its tragic but i see light finally