Here's a Hypergamous Secret:

It's easier to get a Masculine Man who's a provider when you're not a part of THE HERD.

Women who run in groups, packs and herds tend to subscribe to GROUPTHINK.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

And if you're a part of a FLOCK, A SQUAD, THE HERD OR GROUPTHINK..How will you stand out and apart?

When you subscribe to GroupThink it's hard to think for yourself.

And when it's hard to think for yourself it's hard to make power moves.

And Hypergamy is a series of POWER MOVES that will keep you from facing the DEAD END that comes from being a part of THE HERD.

Thinking for yourself is exactly what you need to set yourself apart in HYPERGAMY.

The problem with women who think like The Herd is that they get Trapped in the Herd.

The goal of the herd is to make sure that all of you stay in the same BOAT.

But in Hypergamy....A Hypergamous Woman wants to be on a Yacht.

*You cannot be a part of The Herd and Succeed in Hypergamy. Your femininity and level up energy will threaten The Herd because The Herd wants you to stay in your place.

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