When a woman decides for herself to HARNESS her femininity for her own BENEFIT; people will go Negative and get BIG MAD. 

Especially when that woman is a Black Women.

Because a Black Woman who decides to be feminine is OUT OF ORDER.

A Black Woman who decides to lead with her femininity; is interrupting the pattern.

A Black Woman who decides to crush Cliches and Stereotypes is not Staying In Her Lane!

...Being a Black women comes with a VERY SPECIFIC set of STRONG expectations.

And according to society a black woman's number role is to be a MULE. 

A Mammy Mule, A SideKick Mule, A Maid Mule or a Sex Mule. But a mule nevertheless.

And a Mule's only purpose is to serve OTHERS. 

According the the dictates of the world a Black Woman is not supposed to be a WIFE, A stay at home mother and most definitely not a woman who's provided, protected and cared for. 

According to the world; that privilege is only reserved for women who aren't black.

So when a Black Woman decides to break the mold with Femininity or a Black woman decides to shatter the stereotype of what's expected for her ...all h*ll breaks loose!

And then here come the envious, the haters, the miserable ones, the bitter ones, the salty ones and the #jealoushive...all on a mission to damage, kill, destroy to put you back in your rightful position AS A MULE.

And if you refuse to Fall in Line; your'e a THREAT.

And when your'e a threat you create enemies. Lots of them.

But enemies are not to be feared. They are PUNY PEOPLE.

Enemies only exist to test YOUR WORTH. Nothing more and nothing Less.

Do you believe what you say you are worth? 

Do you believe that you are worthy of more? 

Do you believe that you are worthy of the best?  

Do you really believe that you are DESERVING of all the good that life has to offer?

And your answer should be a resounding yes.

If it isn't; then you've got a lot of work the do.


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  1. As always, thank you for this information. So I trust that the #hypergamoustribe is my new attitude...a great one👏👏😍😘🙏

  2. ...#hypergamoushive🐞 (Love ladybugs)

  3. Recently found your YouTube videos,there is sooo much wisdom in your videos! I can't believe no one ever taught me all of it before.

  4. I came across your YouTube channel 3 weeks ago and I’ve been watching videos ever since. I’ve also been practicing hypergamy without realizing it but have amped it up. It has only attracted quality men and I’m proud to say I’ve attracted a tall, dark, handsome provider/protecting man.

  5. It's you're (not your'e) Great content though!!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your wisdom...black women need your voice. We hope to see you on a global platform very soon. I'm 53, living a beautiful life, sharing your wisdom with my 17 year daughter and my 20 year son..setting goals & raising expectations. A million thanks for your willingness to teach, remind and to encourage black women. Your legacy will impact countless lives. 🌹

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    1. Chloe, I'm so proud of you!!! May the Creator grant you favor, love, peace, protection, joy, and Holy Spirit.

      Thank you for what you do!!!