This is a post is very simple and to the point.


Never Let Yourself Go. 


You are your best thing and only you have the power to make sure that you are at your best and that you LOOK your best.

And No one can make YOU LOOK GOOD. Only you can make YOU look good. 

No one is asking you to be perfect and no one is asking to be "ON" all of the time. But you've got to be CONSISTENT.

But as a Principle and an Energy and a Feminine Frequency you should always be committed to looking and feeling your best. 

Especially if You Want the Best.

A lot of women are so disconnected from their femininity that they aren't even aware that the way they present themselves to the world completely sabotages them.

So Stop Sabotaging yourself!

How you look Ladies...is YOUR MESSAGE to the world on how you perceive your own WORTH AND VALUE. 

Especially with men because *Cue The Broken Record* Men are Visual. 

Men are all about LIKING WHAT THEY SEE.

Men don't care about your kind giving heart or your bank account or your fancy college degree...they CARE about attraction because attraction is what motivates them to get the Bag.

There are so many women out here who are walking around looking like Cousin It and wondering why men don't even look their way. 

Ladies you've got to be feminine and you can't be walking around looking busted and expect MAGIC to happen.

Hypergamy cannot be successful when you look A Hot Mess!

But no only do you have to look the part but you've got to FEEL the part. 

Hypergamy is something that you practice until it becomes HABITUAL like taking a shower and brushing your teeth.

So make it a HABITUAL PRINCIPLE to Never Let Yourself Go.

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  3. I have been following you since video 1 on YouTube. You inspire my growth and Im so glad you have this content available. Blessings my sister.