Hypergamy takes Courage.

If you're the kind of woman who shrinks herself to stay small or you're the kind of woman who doesn't want to make waves or you're the kind of woman who would rather chew on bricks than to improve her femininity...you will not win in Hypergamy.

Masculine men love feminine women and it takes courage to be a feminine woman in a sea of sameness and expectation.

Especially as a black woman.

Black women are expected to be tough as nails.

Black women are expected to be masculine.

Black women are expected to be providers for men.

Black women are expected to participate in role reversal.

Black women are expected to be masculine and rough around the edges.

Black women are groomed to expect the least.

Black women are expected to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Black women are expected to put themselves last.

Black women are groomed to be at the bottom of the food chain.

Black women are groomed to not want, need or desire a man who's a provider.

Black women are shamed to have masculine expectations of their men.

And it takes hella courage to work against the current of cliches, prescribed narratives and DEAD ENDS that are set up for black women TO LOSE.

But the good news is that you don't have to do anything that doesn't benefit YOU.

You can be feminine.

You can be provided for.

You can be THE PRIZE.

And you don't have to subscribe to struggle love to prove your allegiance.

It's a New Day.

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  1. Love your site!!! Powerful message to us black women.

  2. Ty Chloe...yes it takes courage yet with God/Universe with me, I am a success!

  3. I wanna Thank u I found your channel and I think its a breathe of fresh air I have never heard of this movement and I'm all 👂👂 and I had really like the point you made about that you have to get in shape and stay healthy its feminine

  4. I am completely & utterly amazed and impressed by YOU & the way u deliver ur content . I’m addicted to listening to you . I hang on to EVERY word . I am Caucasian newly divorced from a very masculine Arabic man , didn’t want for nothing - bag was secured however there was no emotional connection . I’m dating a very masculine black man currently & this couldn’t have come at a better time. I think this man think he got me, he has shown me the love & emotional support I desperately craved . Can u make more content on how to walk talk and engage socially in ur feminine energy ! Thanks . Appreciate YOU !!