The "What Do You Bring to the Table?" is the good ole "Whataboutism" Jedi Trick Mindset that BROKE AND DUSTY men use when they're triggered in response to Hypergamy.

But Be Aware Ladies.

Understand that it's a man's job to have Table. And that it's a man's job to have the dinner plates, the utensils and comfortable seating. It's all of part of the Masculine package called: PROVIDING.

It's not your JOB to help a man. Periodt!

It is a man's job to figure out why he's broke. It is a man's Job to problem solve. It is a man's job to find a solution to life's dilemmas.

Your job as a woman is to INSPIRE A MAN to be his best masculine self through your femininity. 

Ladies....Peep Game....

The way a man speaks will always tell you how he thinks... because how he thinks will influence how he MOVES.

And if his mindset is BROKE he will move like a Broke Person. And a Broke Person always needs help.

Now you may want to help him....but understand... that helping a man financially comes with serious risks and serious repercussions and most women aren't prepared for. Most women are not prepared for that LEVEL OF SMOKE, DISRESPECT, DISLOYALTY AND BETRAYAL.

As for What you Bring to the Table?....Your Job as a woman is to bring your best beautiful feminine self forward and to be the feminine to a man's MASCULINE. Das it.

99 percent of the time; that is all a masculine man will ever WANT.

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