Toxic Feminism is a Mindset and an Attitude that discounts and devalues MEN. 

But Toxic Feminism is also the belief that in order for a woman to survive in a man's world...she must embrace her masculine energy over her feminine energy.

Toxic Feminism weaponizes and perpetuates hostility TOWARDS MEN and WOMEN.

Toxic Feminism works overtime at convincing others that men aren't necessary to the equation balance between Masculine and Feminine.

Toxic Feminism is a mindset where women consider men worthless, useless, unimportant, not needed and more importantly...not necessary. 

But ladies...in Hypergamy men are always NECESSARY.

And a Hypergamous woman will always see the VALUE in a masculine man who is a PROVIDER AND PROTECTOR.

So here is what Hypergamy is NOT:

Hypergamy does not mean handing over your life to a man because he has twig with berries.

Hypergamy does not mean allowing a man to club you over the head... to drag you back to a CAVE.

Hypergamy is not an invitation for a man to abuse a woman.

Hypergamy does not mean that women aren't allowed to be smart, capable, accomplished or self-reliant.

Hypergamy is not a fancy word for GOLDIGGING.

Hypergamy does not mean that men are only human ATM machines to be used and discarded.

Hypergamy is the UNDERSTANDING that women and men are wired DIFFERENTLY. And that no amount of cultural conditioning will ever re-write the genetic wiring of how men and women respond to EACH OTHER.


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