Boy O' Boy....

Do They do anything for clout!

As a matter of fact ....Clout Chasing and Capping Go Hand in Hand!

Because Clout Chasing gets you atte
ntion and attention gets you REVENUE.

AND REVENUE is what this WHOLE THING is about!

So R&B singer/rappy Tory Lanez got busted in WHOLE MANIPULATIVE LIE about standing up for Dark Skin Representation during a filming of his latest music video....

But as he tried to paint himself out to be some kind of Colorist Activist; his triangle defense backfired because "Tory the Dummy" forgot that the Dark Skin Model would "Out Him" by sharing the TRUTH of her actual experience.

*Cackles* ...Like how dense can you be?

Now obviously Tory Lanez ain't the brightest crayon in the box... because he didn't do due diligence in making sure that ALL were onboard to comply with the LIE.  

But his "Fake Love" does not surprise me in the least!

Tory Lanez's Fradulent move only tells me one thing: That Cancel Culture is doing its job!

Black women; more specifically Dark Skin Black Women are tired of the ERASURE.

They are tired being the ignored, denigrated, omitted, and invalidated demographic. 

They are tired of the designation of being at the BOTTOM.

And Black Celebrity men are not only cognizant of it...they're responding by trying throw Black Women a BONE.

Tory Lanez is not the first celeb to pull this "fake love" stunt and he won't be the last.

And as a HYPERGAMOUS rule I think it's important for Black women to no longer adhere to supporting the lifestyles of Black Celebrity Men who chose to give their resources to women who do not look like them!

Black women need to keep their resources to themselves!


Black women embracing themselves is REAL empowerment!

It's time to for Black women to put the KIBOSH ON non-reciprocal exchange!

It's time for Black women to allocate their time, attention and resources to THEMSELVES.

It's time for Black women to PUT THEMSELVES first.

It's time for Black women to stop the role reversal.

It's time for Black women to be Hypergamous.

It's time for Black women to stop waiting for Black Men to throw Them A bone!

So ladies...do yourself a favor...keep your revenue in your pocket and never trust a black man who'd be willing to trade "Ayesha Curry" for a twerking white girl.

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