This is a PSA for my Hypergamous Following:  *Clears Throat*

Never. And I mean Ever. Chase a Man Ever.

Because if he don't want you; he don't want you.


Men smell desperation like a shark to a drop of blood 11,000 miles away.

Men are not wired to desire women who are DESPERATE. Men are not attracted to women who BEG and PLEAD.

Because a man's number one fear (and ask any man this) is being TRAPPED!

Because in a Man's Mind; A desperate woman is a woman that nobody wants.

And when nobody wants you; you are not considered a prize.

And guess what? All men are wired to want the PRIZE. 
Even the Dusties.

Think about human nature. We tend to want things more when other people desire them.

So if your desperate; IN HIS MIND you aren't DESIRABLE.

A Desperate woman is a woman who believes that she can use force and pressure to make a man bend to her will.  

But this mindset only backfires!

Men are built for challenges (which is why they are built physically stronger than women) and they are wired to chase the object of their AFFECTION because men by nature are built to COMPETE.

And if he doesn't have to compete for time, your love or your affection...to him it's not even worth it.

Always Remember Ladies: The Sperm Chases the Egg.

It's in the WIRING.

Now a lot of women like to play ego tricks and games... but when you play stupid games you win stupid prizes.

So do yourself a favor ladies...

Don't Shade Him.
Don't Throw Subliminal's.
Don't try to trap him with a Baby.
Stop Twisting His Arm
Stop sending distressed signals...
Stop Begging for a Bone....

Because Sis....He Don't Care.

And not only do none of these weak strategies work ...but you're letting him know that you don't know your OWN WORTH.


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