Like a lot of women ...a lot of men can live in delusion.

Because the male ego is pretty "FRAGILE" a lot of men like to consider themselves Alpha Males and Kings.

Black men in particular like to call themselves "King" or "GOD".

And a lot of men pride themselves on the "idea" of being a capable leader.

But a true King IN HYPERGAMY...simply put... is a man who can provide a throne.

Because when a man can provide a throne that is true DISPLAY of Power and Strength!

There are men out here who move in with women, have children with women, sleep on their sofas, eat the food out the fridge...they lay the pipe ...while at the same time... eating off of a woman or needing a woman to help them pay BILLS.

These are the men out here who expect women to be workhorses...to help them pay for life...while at the same time expecting women to SUBMIT. 

But it doesn't work that way.

Women are not wired to respect men who label themselves as KING. 

If you can't back up the "idea" of being KING... the first that will come from a woman is DISRESPECT.

Disrespect is a woman's response to a man who cannot provide. Because a man who can provide is a man that can make a women feel safe and secure. 

True respect and Admiration will only come from a woman when a man has a plan and knows how to execute it! 

True respect and admiration will only come from a woman when a man is CONSISTENT.

A True King is a man who is CONSISTENT.

A Man's ability to manifest wealth, money, and stature is what weeds out the mice from the men.

So when a man TALKS A GOOD GAME BUT CAN'T BACK IT UP....Eventually women see through the hot air, the Facade, the fakery and the fraud.  

And once a woman's respect for a man is gone it's like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.

So ladies, in Hypergamy a True King is a man who provides a throne. 

Anything less; is a JOKE.

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