Are you a Queen? Do you treat yourself like a Queen? Do you see yourself like a Queen?

A lot of black women like to call themselves Queen but don't display it or live it on any level.

In Hypergamy a Queen is woman who knows that her worth is LIMITLESS.

A TRUE Queen recognizes her worth and acts accordingly. 

When woman is a Queen her looks and what she's willing to accept will reflect that!

A True Queen will be on point from the top of her crown to the bottom of her feet!

In Hypergamy a Queen is a woman who knows she is worthy of a THRONE. 

A Queen doesn't look broke down, haggard, obese and overworked.

A Queen is not motivated by desperation, DELUSION or The Spirit of Confusion.

A Queen IS clear about who she is and want SHE WANTS. 

A Queen doesn't deal with dusties, bumbs, sweet talkers, losers, or men who need your help to provide. Because she already knows that it's a man's job to PROVIDE.

A Queen knows that it's a man's job to earn your RESPECT. Because a true man provides a THRONE.

When you are a true Queen...DUSTY MEN don't even think twice about approaching you.

Being a Queen means carrying yourself in the highest of esteem. 

It means understanding that being feminine means being powerful; not WEAK. 

Too many women call themselves Queen but their looks and how they treat themselves don't match up!

And when your looks and how you treat yourself don't align people (especially men) can sniff through the BS your selling yourself! They can see and sense your delusion!

And when a woman lives in delusion; she can get got. She can be conned. Because a woman who is willing to lie to herself is a woman that is a MARK. Not a QUEEN.

So do yourself a favor ladies....don't call yourself Queen without backing it up. 

You can't be a Queen if you don't shine. You cannot be a Queen if you aren't RADIANT.  

But THE GOOD NEWS...is that all women have the potential to be QUEEN.


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