Don't want a Dusty Man?

Don't be a Dust Bunny! Dust Bunnies attract lint, particles, dirt, hair balls and all kinds of dirt that should be swept up and thrown in the trash!

But for clarity purposes lets define a Dusty:

A dusty man in short is a man who is lacks ambition, drive. He's usually a lazy bum, lacks purpose and basically lives a life of doing the least. Dusty men  see themselves as VICTIMS. They're always broke and because they're always broke they tend to be users because life costs money and somebody's got to foot the bill.  

And what usually comes with being broke is being insecure. Dusties are normally stingy, cheap, aren't motivated to provide or protect.

Dusty men have zero issue with sucking the life out of a woman, draining her of her time, her resources or her sexual vitality...they're like vampires in a sense that they're willing to take more than they give and will not feel one ounce of guilt for using you because they're takers!

Point blank if you want your sanity; dusty men are to be avoided at all costs. Because they will make you pay the price with their resentful and dysfunctional mindset.

The key to fully understanding a Dusty Man is what drives his mindset: And his mindset is that the best price in the world is FREE. And that includes women.

Now onto a Dust Bunny.

A Dust Bunny is a woman who attracts and retains Dusty Men.

Dust Bunnies are women who lack standards, women who neglect their looks, women who gave up on their looks, women resent having to doll themselves up or women who aren't aware of how to attract quality men.

Dust Bunnies usually refuse to lead with femininity.

Dust Bunnies are usually the overly nice girls who don't want to make waves, they're pushovers, they're people pleasers when it comes to men, they work too hard to impress men (when men should be impressing them) and they have really low standards when it comes to dating and marriage.

Dust Bunny women are usually the ones that end up saying stuff like: "I just want a nice guy", or I just want a guy who buys me food, or I just want a guy to take out the trash.

What drives a woman to be a dust bunny is her lack of awareness of her low self worth, her low self esteem. And Dust Bunny Women tend to be the first in line to defend dusty men and make excuses for them in order to avoid being alone or abandoned if she decides to raise her standards.

So women ask yourself: Do you want to be a Dust Bunny?

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