The 50/50 Con is a game where women are conditioned, cajoled and groomed to be financial PROVIDERS in the presence of MEN.

The 50/50 Con is the built in expectation that a woman should work to financially help a man pay for Life.

Paying for life means: Paying for Food, Shelter, Clothing, Travel Expenses and Fun and Games.

In the 50/50 game a woman will go dutch on dates, she'll Netflix and chill, She'll go on cheap to not cost dates; she'll forsake paying for feminine investments and she'll split bills down the middle in an attempt to prove her worth, be a people pleaser and to secure a man's loyalty.

But the 50/50 mindset is a mindset that backfires because the powerful wiring of Mother Nature will override the Dysfunctional Con Game of helping a man financially as women are wired to receive and men are wired to PROVIDE.

So here's what typically happens in 50/50 situations.

Man meets woman.
Woman has no standards.
Woman is a people pleaser.
Then the Con is On.
A man gets FREE SEX.
Then a Woman pays.
And Pays.
And Pays.
But Now She's Tired.
And Masculine.
She's Empty.
She's Frustrated.
And Now She's feeling used.
And Now She's resentful.
And then that resentment turns to bitterness.
And then She can't stand that Man!

Her investment in him is no longer paying off.
Her femininity is lost!
Her Sexual Attraction starts to fade.
She wants 50/50 Credit for EVERYTHING.
Her respect for him disappears.
And when Respect is lost; all bets are off...
And when men don't get the credit and the RESPECT that they crave...They don't feel valued.
An when they don't feel respected and valued..they lie...they cheat...And then they leave you when you no longer serve your purpose as their financial work horse!

And then the ultimate "Slap in the Face Bonus" will be when he takes his money  (the money you helped him save and build) to impress a feminine woman who won't have to lift a finger! 


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