Allow me to let you in on an open secret.

Life Costs money. 

That's right. It costs MONEY to live.

From the roof over your head, to the clothes on your back to that college debt that probably won't be paid off till you're a hundred and fifteen.

Money or the lack of it can have a devastating impact on our lives when we don't have it.

So why are women so afraid to talk money when it comes to their choice of partner?

Why all of a sudden go dumb when it comes to romance and finance?


If you can learn anything from this website; it's one thing:

That Money is the currency that makes the world spin on its axis.

So when men tell you that money doesn't matter; its a CON and a SCAM.

They know that money matters; they just don't want to be accountable  to you!

Money is a quality of life issue and a difference maker!

And wanting MONEY is nothing to be ashamed of.

Women who don't date, marry or procreate with men of means 1000% of the time regret it.

Why? Because life requires financial resources.

It Costs money to live.


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  1. Mindset is so important and mine has changed considerably regarding money. 😍👏👏