Being committed to dysfunction is the commitment to being a victim.

Dysfunction is a strategy for powerlessness.

So as long as you believe you're a victim; nothing changes.

Belief is that powerful.

So when you believe you're a victim... you're stuck, stagnant, and there's little room to make progress or improvement because you're waiting for someone to come and fix what's broken.

You're waiting on a rescue team.

But we both know that's not gonna happen.

It's a bitter pill to swallow; but no one is coming to rescue you.

Change begins in the heart.
Then works its way up to the mind.
And then the mind tells the body what to do

The mind tells the body how to move, how to plan and how to execute.

And this is where a Hypergamous Mindset comes in.

Study Hypergamy. And Level Up.

So if you've been operating in Hypergamous Dysfunction: Selling yourself short, lacking boundaries, not having standards, being a masculine woman, Helping a Man Build, Neglecting Your Looks...

Put that Dysfunction in Reverse: Don't accept anything less than a provider, Be the Feminine to a Man's Masculine, Have Standards, Put Yourself First....

If you're stuck on Dysfunction; your situation will NEVER CHANGE.


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