There's something about accepting powerlessness that can be so SEDUCTIVE.

But being stuck, stagnant and consistently angry about not having what you want keeps you from winning. 

And it keeps you powerless.

Powerlessness leads to playing the blame game... and playing the blame game is the recipe for A BITTER LIFE.

And the path for bitterness is an ego game for suckers because the person who does the blaming will still be in the same position that they were in the minute they started blaming and complaining.

Whining and complaining is the equivalent of being on a treadmill with no power.

I'm going to say this a trillion times...until I'm on my death bed...but no one is coming to rescue you.

No one:

Not a Soul:
Not on Mars:
Not on Neptune:

In Hypogamy this is what Powerlessness Script looks like: He took my money,  He treated me like sh*t, He lied to me, He cheated on me when I took care of him, He never married me, But I paid all the bills...After all I've done for him he owes me his life...

The only what to stop what isn't working; is to STOP doing what doesn't work.

Only you can rescue you by putting yourself first. Complaining and expecting someone to come rescue you is the quickest surefire path to a BITTER LIFE.

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