The PC Answer: Losing Weight is good for your health.

The Short Short Answer: Being overweight kills attraction.

The Shorter Answer: Losing Weight opens Hypergamous Doors that were once SHUT.

The Rude Answer: People judge books by their COVERS. This will Never change.

What All Men really think: That when woman doesn't take care of her body it means that she doesn't value or respect herself.  And you may love or respect yourself in spite of your obesity but your weight will determine the premium he places on you. Remember Ladies; men are wired to be visual.

What poor men think: That a woman who lowballs herself makes it easier for them to low ball you. 

What men of means think: They will look right through you like a glass window.

The Raw Truth: Here's a secret: All men are aware of their STATUS. Some are beta, some are Zeta; but few are Alpha. Some are dusty, Some are broke, some are stingy, some are generous,  some make six figures and some are RICH.  

And because of this awareness; men know exactly the type of women they have access to. 

In a man's mind it will always be about Power, status, stature, what he can AFFORD and his ability to inspire envy in other men.  And you can't inspire envy in other men with a fat woman on your arm. 

Why? Because how you look and how you carry yourself is all that matters to men. Looks are a  woman's bargaining CHIP and a woman's way of negotiating the best deal for herself when it comes to dealing with men of means. When you look good a man of means will want to be seen with you. He'll want to show you off to his friends, colleagues because men consumed with their status.



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  1. Ty for this information,very valuable👏

  2. I wish I knew these things directly in my twenties. I was married to a man who aspired to be extremely well-off. When our marriage ended I realized he enjoyed putting me on a pedestal and it was hard for me to sit there. I did not realize the worth and what he saw in me. I took it as him being someone who is trying to pay me off LOL now that I'm in my thirties and remarried I'm recognizing the value of putting me first 100%. My current husband has great intentions and has moved in a way to create a good sense of self in me however it can be a lot of talk at times. I'm realizing that the best motivation is me taking care of me. Relaxing and letting him figure out the rest. As he did in the courting stage. Thanks again for your articles