So here's a raw and honest truth: A lot of men don't like women.

I know. Shocker.

There are so many men out here in the world who are weak, insecure, impotent, powerless, frustrated, a lot of them are small in stature and are completely overwhelmed with the expectations that come along with being masculine.

They can't make fetch happen.

So as a source of relief and release a lot of men invade women's conversational spaces by harassing, insulting, degrading...and doing their best to spread their misery and humiliation...

Because weak men cannot compete in their own arenas. 

Men who are providers and protectors and builders of legacy are focused on business. They don't have the time or leisure to berate, harass, stalk, insult, and verbally abuse women because they are in their PURPOSE.

When a man is not in his purpose he's broken, he's depressed, he's confused, he's dysfunctional, he's miserable and he's pretty pathetic.

And these kind of men will ROB YOU. They’ll take your handouts, they’ll take your money, they’ll drive your car and pretend its theirs, they’ll drain your bank account…and they will USE your resources to flatter and impress the woman they really want. 

This pattern keeps repeating itself so that women can learn from these cautionary tales…

And the tale is this: If a man is not a provider he's telling you that he wants to be a kept woman.

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