Here's what giving up on yourself looks like:

You avoid looking in mirrors, you hate taking pictures, You're overweight, you're obese, you're unhealthy, You're unhappy, You're bitter, You're miserable, no fun to be around, people avoid you, you attract dusties, bumbs, users and opportunists or even worse men aren't attracted to you at all.

You don't ever feel attractive, sexy, soft, beautiful, pretty, or happy. Just blah All the time!

You complain. A lot.

You seethe and you blame others for your life not going right.

You're disgusted with yourself.

You wonder: "When will my time come?"
Or you ask yourself "When's it going to be my turn?"
Or you daydream about being rescued...
Or for that person that hurt you to finally wake up and apologize and make amends for damaging you.

But while the pounds continue to add up ...you wait.
And while your misery gets saltier....you wait.
And you wait some more.

And that heron on the White Horse NEVER comes. Mom and Dad never say SORRY. In fact no one comes to rescue you. No one comes to fix, repair, restore, remodel or to clean up the mess in your life that you've allowed to fester.

This is what giving up on yourself looks like.

And the only person that can turn that energy around...is YOU.

And what does this have to do with femininity? Everything.

Because when you give up on yourself your femininity is erased.

And giving up on yourself basically means ERASING YOURSELF.

But the good news is that the same person who gave up is the same person who has the power to restore and turn things around.

Don't wait until its too late....


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