Ok...So HERE WE ARE again.

Another black entertainer reveals his colorist mindset....

But *Shrugs Shoulders*


Are we really shocked?

But a word from me...

One of the most perfect solutions in life is to focus on yourself: bettering yourself, improving yourself and winning....

Cause being pissed off  at YG ain't gone help you WIN.

So time to make room for something else. An attitude adjustment where the goal is a better YOU.

Because This  Reactionary WHIPLASH AND outrage is exhausting.

So Let's make it plain.

There will ALWAYS BE an entertainer who puts his ignorant foot in his mouth.

There will always be some professional athlete...some rapper...who's PREFERENCE will be light skin, mixed race, Latina or white. 

So now what?

Arguing with life won't make it budge. 

So learn how to be smarter Ladies. Too many people in the world count on you to waste your femininity. So use it; because most women won't. Solutions ain't the sexiness word; but they get the job done.


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