By Definition HYPOGAMY is a woman who consistently dates, sleeps with or procreates with men who are of lower status. And usually women like this are the D word: DESPERATE.

When a woman is desperate her self worth and her self esteem are either non-existent or in the toilet. And when your self worth and esteem are low you tend to attract TAKERS. The people that our families never warned us about.  The kinds of people that  prey on low confidence...that no one tells us exists out here in DROVES.

THE con artists, confidence men, vipers, users, opportunists, the manipulators, the abusers and all types of mentally ill narcissistic types who are inclined to squeeze every last drop out of you because you've allowed it.

These are the kinds of people who sniff out desperation and thirstyness like a shark to a drop of blood in the ocean.

So here are some signs of a woman who's desperate...

Her confidence is SHOT.
Being confident is about having pride in self ownership. And a lot of women struggle to have confidence..

When she pays a man's way...
Women who try to buy love are desperate...this includes participating in role reversal, paying a man's bills, paying for a man's time,

Role Reversal....
Being the breadwinner....paying all the bills....and having a man who is comfortable with it means you've been played and suckered...A masculine man would never feel comfortable with his woman wearing the pants, bringing home the bacon and frying it in the pan....

Dating men or having sex with me who are chronically unemployed...
Men who are jobless already know that they're dating market place value is low so if you're interested in them and don't mind that they're jobless they already know....YOU'RE DESPERATE.

The "Wifey" trap.....
Cleaning a man's apartment, doing his laundry, cooking elaborate meals....basically waiting on him hand and foot!  MAID. Meanwhile he get's all the benefits and you get NADA. The wifey trap is probably one of the biggest CONS in hypogomy.

Building up a man who isn't who he is....
Many women who are afraid of being judged others will lie about their man's status & elevate a man's accomplishments to build him up. No Bueno.

It's been over 2 years and he still hasn't brought up marriage...once.
Men know you're the one in six months. So if he squirms and squeals when you bring up marriage. Time to have some self respect and bounce....

You're more into him than he's into you. 
Sorry ladies. In order for a relationship to thrive he's has to want you more.


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