Here's a SECRET: You can't listen to Everyone.

Especially when it comes to improving your current situation...and making choices that will improve you tomorrows.

So many people are stagnant, stuck, bitter, miserable and deeply unhappy. 

And misery loves COMPANY.

That means that stuck stagnant people aim to spread their unhappiness; like a virus.

In Hypergamy who are these people?

The Pick Me's

Barbara the Builder.


Women who've given up on themselves.

And MGTOW zeta males.

All prototypes are threatened by leveling up energy. These are the people who want you to take life LYING DOWN. These are the people who've given up and they want you to give up as well.

Now why would you listen to a miserable person who is hell bent on destroying your potential and your life trajectory? 

So I'm here to tell you:

That Hypergamy is a worthwhile mindset. 
Hypergamy is worthwhile strategy and it brings worthwhile results... so never allow the bitter and the broken to discourage you.

A word of sage advice: Only listen to people who want to see you do better. Only listen to people who encourage you to set goals, to grow, to evolve, to dream, and to make it happen. You know why? Because those people... are so few and far in between. They're so rare.

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  1. Ty for reminders on this hypergamy journey of mine👏😍🙏