I only hope the Amen Choir gets louder on this as Black women grow into the cultural acceptance that they aren't bullet proof, magical, able to take a punch more than others, aren't mules, aren't work horses, don't have higher thresholds of pain, you don't wear a cape, you're not a superhero and you aren't Wig Wearing Madea's. You aren't breeders, meant to be alone, and your son and daughter needs a father.

Is your constitution stronger? Maybe.
Are you resilient? Perhaps.

But you are not a Strong Black Woman.

You're a woman. You cry. You hurt. You bleed. You need love. You have desires. You want to be ADORED. You need affection. You want hugs and kisses. You want someone to care. You need someone to be there. More importantly you want masculinity FROM YOUR MAN. You want a man who you can respect, a man you can admire and a man who can provide and protect for you and your children.

The Strong Black Women Narrative came at heavy price.

First: It defeminizes you and strips you of your femininity. Men hear the word "strong" and next thing you know they're on the defense trying to figure out where they'll be able to fit into your life and trying to figure out if you'll ever NEED THEM.

Two: Me resent the word "strong" because the word "strong" implies=don't need.

Three: "Strong Black Woman" implies that a woman is not in touch with her femininity.

Four: Only a feminine man is attracted to a strong black woman. Only a feminine man would tolerate being controlled, dominated, and told what to do.

Five: It'a a TRAP and a Con for Black women to see themselves as Strong because all it does is set the stage for other groups of women to be seen as Damsels in Destress by Default. You don't here Asians, Hispanic, or White women talking about how Strong they are and you never will!

So Black Woman; Declare your femininity. First. Above everything.

And don't wait for permission to claim it. Time is not a renewable resource.


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