Too much masculinity in a woman is energy that will burn you at both ends of the candle.

Masculine energy is SPECIFIC: it's dominating, it's brittle, its courageous, it's brute, it's tough, it's assertiveness, its aggression, its competition, its conquering and winning, its figuring out how to overcome life challenges....and is a SPECIFIC energy that is consumed with how to acquire and keep POWER.

Masculine energy is all about protection: A man protecting himself and extensions of himself: his wife, his mother, his children, his family. Masculinity is about PROVIDING and Leading to have that respect, admiration that all MEN want. Because all men at their core want to be HEROES.


So when a woman is in her Masculine more than her feminine the signals get crossed. Her feminine wiring is compromised. She repels Masculine men, her masculine energy kills attraction because she lacks softness, juiciness and vulnerability and the ability to be RESCUED.

A woman who is masculine will get tired quicker, she'll age faster, she'll increase her testorone which will increase her aggression which will damage her mood, her attitude and her happiness because she will FEEL out of balance.

Why? Because she's betraying her femininity and compromising SELF-CARE. And no self-care=BURNOUT.

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