Listen. This rehashed & recycled conversation and wasted energy on some black men's wholesale betrayal needs to be put in perspective and as a solution this ENERGY needs to be reinvested in yourself. Have black women ever stopped to ask themselves why continue to beat a dead horse? Why focus on the 10 rejects that speak out of their own deep insecurity and make their voices the loudest? Black women keep huffing and puffing, blowing up their chests, dragging other races of women for being chosen instead to doing the one thing they actually have the power to do and that's focus on themselves.

Because guess what? You'll never have the power to shame a man into dating a woman he doesn't want to date. You'll never embarrass a man who's made the decision to marry and procreate with a white woman. You'll never stop women who aren't black from desiring black men. So now what?

And I get that. I know focusing on solutions isn't the sexiest thing. Ranting, commenting and having a release for our hurt and frustration has its place but as women we really do need to evolve to that mindset of "what next." Because at this point it's so clear that SOME black men are brainwashed, that some black men aren't race loyal and that for the most part Black men don't think like black women. And men have never thought like women because they're not wired like women.

So instead of responding with emotion which gets us no where... but in our negative feelings....feeling of not feeling good enough....feeling invalidated...and allowing it to spiral....learn how to respond with STRATEGY. Because I just don't believe in focusing on POWERLESSNESS. Because if a man don't like you, don't want you, doesn't feel he owes you, doesn't want to be seen with you? Doesn't think you're attractive? Then where does that leave you?


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